About Us

We are a Mexican family business based in the City of Puebla. We have extensive experience of over 30 years in Electric Power Systems specializing in protection, control, measurement and recording, acquired through the commissioning of power plants, substations and transmission lines in the National Electricity Grid. It is our purpose to prevent failure in large power systems, and to eliminate losses arising from these failures.

At EPSOL, we seek fervently that our customers have the certainty that their electrical system is reliable and will remain so as long as necessary.


To provide specialized services in power systems, using the latest technology, the best tools and extensive experience in the field, in order for generation, transmission and distribution companies to operate safely, reliably, efficiently and with continuity in the electricity services they provide to their end users.


To position ourselves as the leader company in specialized services in Power Systems in the next five years, with personnel trained in innovative technologies for testing of primary electrical equipment and protective systems, measurement, control and communications.


“EPSOL Soluciones en Sistemas de Potencia y Energía S.A. de C.V.” is a Mexican family business founded in October 2015. However, its origins date back as individual business activity on 1990. Since then, various electrical projects of distribution networks and maintenance have been performed to electrical substations in important companies and institutions based in the City of Puebla.

Coupled with this trajectory, supports us a professional experience of 31 years in the protection of power systems acquired during the operation and maintenance of substations and power plants of the National Electricity Grid, including close collaboration with the 108 biggest consumers of energy in the central area of our country.


  • 39 Poniente 3515 Col. Las Animas.
    Torre Ejecutiva El Triángulo. Piso 5
    Puebla, Pue.

  • +52 01 (222) 1414980
  • contacto@epsol.com.mx