Testing and commissioning panel Panel for protection, control and measurement (PC&M)

  • Generator protections panel
  • Transmission line protection panel 87L-21L (7SD82-7SA82), 85L-21L, 67N, PMU and MM
  • Bars, electromechanical technology, static and digital protection panel RN23, 7SS13, 7SS52 y 7SS85
  • Protection panel for transformers 7UT613
  • Protection panel for feeders

Digital multimeter panel

  • Measuring panel for participants in the wholesale electricity market
  • Calibration of multimeters
  • Measurement in generating units in accordance with the requirements of the manual for the measurement of settlements and the manual of Information and Communication Technology Requirements.

Panel for power quality analysis, disturbance recording and PMU’s

  • Energy analyzer boards and PMU’s

*A requirement for plants involved in the wholesale electricity generation market.